Fine Jewelry and Body Piercing
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State of the Art
Piercing Studio

 Once you step into our studio, the calming colors, soft lighting and air quality will help you to feel relaxed.  As you sit in your piercing chair, you'll notice a serene nature show playing on the flat screen. This coupled with the lovely scent in the room allows you to slip further into tranquility. We will help keep you in this state using a caring bedside manner. In the end, you will be happy seeing our staff use cutting-edge aseptic and piercing techniques that will leave you with a memorable piercing experience.

Gold with Genuine Gemstones

The Crow's Nest is an exclusive BVLA retailer,
this means you can only purchase BVLA from our upscale body jewelry shop.

Lifetime Guarantee

On all gemstone settings and clarity

We have you covered. Not only is our jewelry very unique and often exclusive, but it will last you a lifetime, we guarantee it. 
We are the only jewelry shop in the tri-state area that offers 100% genuine 14k white, yellow and rose gold body jewelry.

You may notice that prices are not listed.
The reason for this is simple.

Our prices revolve around the jewelry that you choose.
Since we have so many amazing and unique options we could not possibly display them all.  
If you want to know the final cost on anything that we do, just come down and visit.
We love spending time with you discussing options. 
We have APP Members
What does this mean? 
This means that our body piercers and the studio they work out of having met all of The Association of Professional Piercers standards, which are quite high. They require the highest grade materials to be used for body piercing, as well as a controlled piercing environment.  Every year the APP  continues to educate its members by offering a great many of classes, taught by some of the best minds in this industry.  
Association of Professional Piercers

Our Body Piercers
All of our body piercers are capable of piercing anything that is safe for you to have pierced,
and also within their comfort.

Press on their picture to see some of their work.


  1. Piercing by Woodstock
    Piercing by Woodstock
  2. Piercings by Woodstock
    Piercings by Woodstock
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  1. Piercings by Key
    Piercings by Key
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