Custom Tattooing

Every artist has a unique style

To see their individual approach to the tattoo craft, be sure to check out every tattooer's portfolio. 
This will help you find an artistic style that may already reflect your ideas. 

Gentle Josh

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Hello, and welcome.  
Painting, drawing, design, and ceramics has defined and shaped me 
for the greater part of my life. My love for art helped me to find tattooing. 
This discovery grew into a passion that I will carry through the rest of my life.
It's important for you to know that I put my best in every tattoo. 
The art is all about you, I’m just here to guide you and bring it to life. 
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Nikki Bernal

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Hello there!  I'm addicted to burritos. Outside of my art world I enjoy all things nerdy, attending drag shows, and collecting
oddities (skulls, taxidermy, etc.). I also have a pretty sweet
Pokemon card collection, which also rubs off in my
tattooing and art style. I love doing bright, colorful,
custom tattoos and commission works of art.  
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Ali Cat

"Hi, I'm Ali! Besides tattooing, I love to experiment with many different mediums
including acrylic, watercolor, clay sculpting, colored pencil, markers, and glitter.
My art is most often fantasy inspired, bold and colorful, and dances on a fine line between cute and creepy.
I also love my furbabies, food, and anything nerdy or weird.
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