The Finest Tattoo and Piercing Studio
in Dubuque

We provide


like no other.

We are happy to provide you with quality in everything that we offer. From our tattoo ink to our jewelry you will always get the best. To us, your happiness and health are our top priorities.
 Every year our entire staff continues their health and artistic education to excel at their craft, as well as keeping up with the ever-changing tattoo and piercing styles.  
You will also be happy to know that our staff is certified in Cpr, First Aid, Cross Contamination Control, and have had Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness Training.  It does not stop there though, our body piercers take on an average of 15 classes a year to keep current in aseptic training and many other various health related,  and technical classes.
Customers First

Yes, we mean all of you.

Art aside, we believe that the absolute most important service that we can offer you is listening.  We understand that your ideas are personal, so without judgment, we listen to what your needs and wants are, then translate them into  tattooable art. We always take the time needed to ensure that you are comfortable with your design, we do this by allowing you to be part of the creative process. We help to educate you on what is a workable tattoo idea,  and what will not work and why.  You can call us anytime during our operating hours to schedule a free consultation. 
​​​​​We are in this together. ​​

 From the moment you walk in, and every step after, 
we are here to create an amazingly unforgettable experience to carry with you for life. 

Do you want to be on our team? 

Your hard work will get you free services.
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Our Future Guests and Events
The following are events we will be attending, places we are currently donating to, 
and a list of upcoming guest tattooers that will be performing tattoos or piercings at Crow's Nest.
Jorge "The Witch Doctor" Rivera
Jorge is into dynamic NeoTraditional, often mixed with touches of geometric tattooing.
To see more of what he does, click the link below. 

Halo is returning July 9th-11th

You do not want to miss this chance to collect some amazing tattoo work. If you want to request a tattoo please follow this link. 
Some new changes
We would like to welcome AliCat
to our team.

Ali has been tattooing for nearly 5 years. She is super stoked on tattooing custom New School images on people. To see more of her work, please click link. 
.We brought in another line of fine jewelry
We now have a ceritfied permanent make-up artist. 

An attractive make-over.

We are always growing and always improving. You deserve the best and we intend on giving it to you.